Fragrant in memory

Miles from current sea horizon,
Fragrant harbor is just memory,

As we recall a blue eyed ocean
With golden beaches in bikinis.

Of another time ,another space
A sea stays fragrant in memory.


Everything is such repeat

Turtle deaths bore pregnancies,
Eggs sown inside bamboo stiles.

Little ones will crawl to ma sea.
Mom sea is boring with repeats.

Her last waves rose twenty feet
That Lazarus might come back.

Walkers are nose-tired of trash,
Being collected left over nights

After food carts trolled twilight.
Crows are boring dawn repeats

In irreversible darkness of heart
Turtle deaths are their favorites.

Take the plastic net bag of shells
On a dirty neck in rainbow shirt,

Nobody buys on a blowing shell.
Everything is such repeat in sea

Like lady Lazarus resurrections.
Each wave is  Lazarus returned.

(Reading Sylvia Plath’s poem Lady Lazarus)